Fierce mouthguards are available in 27 colors and offers protection from a myriad of dental injuries and complications occurring from sports.

The dental devices help prevent from lip, cheek and chin lacerations, broken teeth, displaced teeth, fractures of the facial bones and from injury to the jaw joints.

Fierce Mouthguards are avilable in various layers or levels such as Level 1,2,3,4,5,6.

They are also avilable depending upon what sport is being played like wrestling, volleyball, mountain biking and motocross, soccer, rugby, basketball, softball, rollerblading and skateboarding, baseball, football, racquetball, martial arts, boxing, street hockey along with kickboxing and other heavy contact sports.

Dds Lab president Amy Ceresa said with the increase in both the number and cost of sports-related traumas to the teeth, athletes and people in general are seeking both the most up-to-date technology and comfort available in a mouthguard.