Recently, the company has gained growing interest from medical device manufacturers in need of comprehensive ERP solutions.

Datix CEO Matt Schuval said: “Managing medical device manufacturing operations has become increasingly complicated due to the intricacy of the products and stringent regulations.

“These demands have driven more businesses from this industry to seek out ERP implementations and integrations.”

As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix can meet the specific needs of medical device manufacturers. For over 45 years, Epicor has been a leading ERP vendor for an array of manufacturing and distribution industries. Epicor’s comprehensive ERP solution enables medical device manufacturers to control their supply chain and meet regulatory requirements.

Epicor’s production management tools give manufacturers the capability to execute complex products. Users can drill-down into performance metrics and gain real-time visibility from the top floor to the shop floor. This level of functionality is a must for medical device manufacturers to earn a competitive edge.

Additionally, Epicor provides quality management features to automate the compliance process and track products from cradle to grave. Automation accelerates the supply chain while diminishing the possibility of human error, simplifying compliance and satisfying consumer demands. These sophisticated functions help users stay on top of strict government and industry mandates without hurting their bottom line.

Datix’s chief marketing and business development officer Candice Evertowski said: “Businesses in this industry have a global reach, and as they expand, they have to stay on top of increasingly rigorous quality demands.

“To do this, they have to integrate their systems and configure their ERP solutions to make their infrastructure as robust and streamlined as possible.”

Datix has distinguished itself as a premier Epicor value-added reseller because of its committed team of experts and innovative solutions. In one of its most recent success stories, Datix integrated the Epicor and Salesforce platforms of Euclid Systems Corporation, a manufacturer of contact lenses. This project streamlined order processing between the company’s sites in U.S. and China.

Euclid’s integration was facilitated by Unity, Datix’s pre-built integration solution designed to connect Epicor ERP with a variety of CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation systems. “Unity is an ideal solution for medical device manufacturers,” claims Schuval. “This industry has enough on its plate without managing multiple systems across global locations. Unity can be implemented quickly to immediately accelerate operations and support compliance by housing enterprise data in one platform.”

Datix also prides itself on supplying configurations and services to maximize the value of enterprise software. Its certified team of consultants can customize Unity to meet the unique specifications of each client. Additionally, they handle updates and ongoing maintenance without extra cost, expanding the lifetime of software solutions and taking pressure off their clients’ IT teams.

As Evertowski explains, Datix recognizes the need to constantly evolve their solutions: “We’re serving more and more medical device manufacturers. To continue functioning as a single touchpoint for their enterprise software needs, we must stay abreast of new regulations and challenges and ensure our solutions can meet everchanging requirements. It’s this dedication to continuous improvement that makes us a sought-after consultant for a wide range of industries.”

Source: Company Press Release