The new ENFit-compatible ACE Connector incorporates the benefits of the legacy ACE (475), along with additional new features.

"Clinicians are welcoming the enhanced streamlined design and added safety," says John Brezack, President of Dale. "Dale has just made a great product even better."

A new hybrid medication port retains the original ACE auto seal technology and combines it with a new ENFit syringe/plunger activated male port.

The seal and the plunger work in unison to provide the practitioner a higher level of protection against gastric splash-back.

In addition, an improved handle design helps prevent mis-insertions of ENFit syringes in low light hospital environments, which can occur during sleeping hours on patient floors.

The legacy Dale ACE 475 Connector will continue to be available in support of legacy enteral feeding devices.

For more than 50 years, Dale has produced specialty medical devices that help make health care better, with lower infection rates, more efficient use of time, increased patient satisfaction and greater cost accountability.