Each investigator will receive a five-year appointment and up to $1.5m toward life science research in their areas of expertise.

CZ Biohub scientists and engineers will engage in the development of advanced technologies and tools to support the treatment of infectious diseases.

The work will be carried out in four key areas, including new detection technologies, new treatments, new ways to prevent infection and new approaches to rapid response when new threats emerge.

Cell Atlas project, which helps to build an international collaboration, will map the cell types of the human body. It will be available to researchers across the globe.

The project will enable to open many mysteries of cell biology related to the causes of human disease, helping to develop new therapies.

CZ Biohub co-president Joseph DeRisi said: “CZ Biohub Investigators share our vision of a planet without disease.

“To realize this vision, we are giving some of the world’s most creative and brilliant researchers access to groundbreaking technology and the freedom to pursue high-risk research.”

CZ Biohub co-president Stephen Quake said: “The 47 CZ Biohub Investigators we’re introducing today are quite literally inventing the future of life science research.”

Image: The CZ Biohub has selected 47 investigators to carry out life science research. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.