In total Cytocell has 19 different FISH probes specifically designed with the intention of detecting abnormalities of the most common genes linked with CLL.

The new range of Cytocell CLL FISH probes includes the new CLL PROFILER kit comprising of the P53/ATM Probe Combination and a newly developed D13S319/13qter/12cen Deletion/Enumeration probe.

Cytocell’s Aquarius CLL PROFILER kit detects cytogenetic abnormalities in bone marrow specimens and peripheral blood samples from patients with CLL.

Deletions of ATM and TP53 are the most serious rearrangements involved in CLL and detection of deletions of these genes provides very important information as to the therapy choices for such patients, especially since deletions of TP53 and ATM provide a poor prognosis.

Cytocell managing director Dr Martin Lawrie said these new additions to company’s catalogue augments its already extensive collection of FISH probes for leukaemia and provides comprehensive solution to the diagnosis of CLL.

"The launch of this product demonstrates our continued focus on our range of Haematology probes which is continually growing," Dr Lawrie added.

"We also believe that through our Custom FISH probe service, myProbes, we will be able to offer more and more of such products for Haematology, driven by the clinical requirements of our customers."