The joint offering will provide healthcare providers with the ability to identify all devices connected to the network and the relationship between those devices, the capability to discover any existing risks or anomalies in the network, ability to discover and prioritize devices and vulnerabilities, and recommendations for mitigation and program improvement.

CynergisTek will use Asimily’s platform to provide risk assessment services as well as provide an ongoing managed service to its customers.

During CynergisTek’s assessment, healthcare providers can trial Asimily’s solution with the option to purchase a license for continued device monitoring.

Once licensed, Asimily’s solution will provide additional elements to providers for complete medical device lifecycle management, including detailed asset utilization, the ability to track and discover devices not being used as expected, and the capability to block or segment devices on the network.

CynergisTek’s managed service will allow healthcare providers to identify and classify risks as well as determine appropriate technical remediation priorities on an ongoing basis.

Together, CynergisTek and Asimily will help providers understand the number of biomedical devices connected to the network and the known risks and vulnerabilities to help customers develop a strategy to secure the devices going forward.

Asimily co-founder and CEO Shankar Somasundaram said: “Our customers now can not only get the most comprehensive medical device assessment and cybersecurity management platform in the market to support managing the complete biomedical device lifecycle, but also get the assessments, recommendations, remediation, and management support from an industry leader like CynergisTek.

“Our joint work with CynergisTek will provide customers with the best in class service and product offering that will significantly improve their ability to manage and secure their connected devices.”

CynergisTek CEO Mac McMillan said: “We are excited to form a partnership with Asimily to provide our customers with a holistic approach to device management, something the industry and patients have needed for a very long time.

“Together, our solution will help healthcare organizations address the challenge of not only managing medical devices more effectively, but will be able to secure the countless medical devices that are connected to the network and addressing the risks around medical devices from both a clinical operations and a patient care perspective.”

Source: Company Press Release