The company’s E-Vive wireless muscle stimulation device is designed to reduce post-surgical muscle atrophy, particularly losses in quadricep strength after knee surgery.

According to the company, post-surgical muscle atrophy can also cost up to $4,200 per episode due to additional rehabilitation.

The firm has developed patented Cy-Motion muscle activation and patient engagement system to enhance , reduce complications and lower healthcare costs.

CyMedica also produced CE-marked and FDA-approved QB1 muscle activation system, which enables all knee patients to potentially improve their quad strength. It activates atrophied quad muscles in a clinically relevant manner with little pain.

CyMedica president and CEO Rob Morocco said: "This clinical trial will allow us to accelerate what we believe is an essential shift in the care model for total knee post-surgical rehabilitation.”

The trial’s primary investigator Dr Carlos Higuera-Rueda said: "As bundled programs and the healthcare models evolve, orthopedic surgeons will continue to be advocates for better post-surgical rehabilitation innovations that engage patients in their care and provide more efficient ways to provide these services.

“At Cleveland Clinic, we are constantly looking for options that allow doctors and their rehabilitation partners to put patients first.”

Image: CyMedica’s e-vive helps keep patients engaged with their rehab by tracking their progress and allowing data sharing with clinicians. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / CyMedica Orthopedics.