Curative, a next-generation healthcare delivery company with a mission to end the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to evolve with the pandemic and is announcing a suite of new testing offerings for patients across its 15,000 sites in more than 20 states. As a company that pivoted within one month in early 2020 from improving outcomes for sepsis patients to COVID-19 testing, Curative has continuously proven its unique ability to anticipate and deliver on changing patient needs. Starting in early July 2021, patients will have the expanded flexibility to have their sample tested for SARS-CoV-2, Flu A, Flu B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections. Curative is partnering with global healthcare leader Abbott to implement the Alinity m Resp-4-Plex* and SARS-CoV-2* assays across its laboratory network, enabling Curative to expand testing to the full respiratory panel, and providing COVID-19 testing to both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients as well as pooled testing under the assays’ emergency use authorization (EUA).

The combination of this multi-use test with Curative’s nationwide reach and ability to develop community-specific testing programs will empower patients and public health officials with a greater set of actionable test results. Curative will continue to offer accessible and scalable COVID-19 testing.

“From day one, our primary focus has been providing an exceptional customer experience to all — we have looked around every corner to anticipate and build what patients will need most. This transition is the next step in our evolution and continued expansion as the pandemic thankfully begins to subside,” said Fred Turner, CEO and co-founder of Curative.

Curative has built an unparalleled healthcare delivery network providing critical access to rural, uninsured and underserved populations all across America. Transitioning Curative’s molecular diagnostics to the Abbott platform will allow the company to rapidly expand the range of testing services offered and continue investing in providing access to the highest quality healthcare for all Americans. The move marks the first step to provide a full suite of healthcare services through the Curative platform.

Entering the 2021-2022 flu season, some experts predict that the low rates of influenza in the 2020-2021 season could increase transmission this year as mask-wearing, and social distancing decline. Additionally, according to a recent CDC health advisory, RSV is on the rise, particularly in the Southern U.S., and a risk for babies and infants. As mask-wearing and social distancing decline, some experts predict an increased  transmission of influenza and RSV for the 2021-2022 flu season. Since the symptoms are very similar to COVID-19, it’s crucial for patients and doctors to be able to test for both RSV, Flu, and COVID-19 quickly with just one test.

“Providing patients with accessible and timely information about their COVID-19 status has been an essential part of our COVID-19 response efforts”, added Turner. “Moving forward, patients and partners need to know not only if a patient has COVID-19 but also determine and diagnose other upper respiratory illnesses.”

The new test offering will be available to all patients through Curative’s unique next-generation healthcare delivery network, including mobile vans, kiosks, pop-ups, drive-throughs and community partnership outreach efforts to meet patients where they are.

In addition to providing testing, Curative and its affiliates delivered some of the earliest doses of COVID-19 vaccines. Curative has operationalized and scaled hundreds of vaccination sites across the country and helped reach many underserved communities. To date, Curative and its managed medical entities have delivered more than 2 million COVID-19 vaccines. Curative will continue to provide COVID-19 tests and vaccines at no-out of pocket cost to patients across the country.

Source: Company Press Release