The MedBank Mini and Tower offer automated, DEA compliant safeguards for storage of controlled substances and other medications, alongside bi-directional integration with pharmacy information management and electronic medical records systems creating a closed-loop workflow.

The company expects the MedBank Mini and Tower to revolutionize the process of first dose and emergency medication management for non-patient specific needs in long-term care facilities. The current method of accommodating these medication needs is through the use of low security carts or tackle boxes, which are hindered by manual processes and high risk of diversion, according to MedBank Medical Solutions president Michael Boivin.

Boivin said: “Rising acuity is a growing challenge within the long-term care market. Nursing facilities and servicing pharmacies have an increased need for safe and immediate access to medications, including controlled substances. MedBank Mini and Tower ensure security and adherence to state and federal laws, while drastically reducing the chance for medication errors.”

MedBank Mini and Tower’s compact, ergonomic design manages both controlled substances and supplies in one footprint, streamlining clinical workflow. Cabinets are custom configurable and adjustable, providing flexibility for formulary changes without having to swap drawers or reconfigure.

The devices feature next-generation Smart CUBIE technology; tamper-evident pockets that allow for secure transport and restock verification between servicing pharmacies and facilities. This exchange process supports nurse replenishment as approved by State Boards of Pharmacy and has wider regulatory approval than any other solution in the long-term care market.

Hometown Pharmacy service director Mike Horosko said: “Improving medication security and availability is always a focus for us. Creating efficiencies within our pharmacy is key to our ability to provide our customers with the best possible service.

“MedBank has automated many of the manual processes previously used with tackle box exchanges, and we have been glad to partner with the facilities we service that are also utilizing MedBank.”

Amid the increase in opioid abuse, inventory control and regulatory compliance of controlled substances is a top priority for health care businesses. Companies are also seeking a safe, efficient and cost effective method for medication dispensing to ensure the best possible care for patients.

Source: Company Press Release