The federal designation is granted by the US Department of Health and Human Services-Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

The software as a solution (SaaS) product meets all regulatory criteria relating to the efficiency, relevance, and security of patient health information utilized by medical professionals for the certification.

The C-Suite EMR solution is easy to use and affordable.

CSC CEO Andrew Graham said they kept focus on finding simple ways to help doctors capture the patient information they need, while at the same time embedding code to capture the data public health organizations want.

"The Meaningful Use designation means any medical professional using our system can be assured they have the tools to be compliant with ever-changing regulations," Graham said.

"By eliminating the need for any IT work out of the gate, we are saving practices tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure cost. We have also priced the C-Suite solution on a ‘pay-per-use’ basis which allows any practice to begin using EMR software immediately."