The EndoFLIP product, which received FDA clearance in December 2009, allows bariatric surgeons to measure and set a consistent gastric band stoma size during surgery.

Crospon said that all the key bariatric surgery clinical investigations for EndoFLIP have taken place at the Speciality Surgery Center of Fort Worth, TX, a center of the American Institute of Gastric Banding (AIGB), the gastric band placement institute, under the direction of principal investigator Dr Robert G Snow.

Robert Snow, principal investigator, said: “EndoFLIP is providing us new insights into the way we adjust gastric bands. We have conducted a number of studies with the technology to date, and look forward to presenting the results of these studies in the coming months. In addition, we look forward to collaborate with a number of new bariatric surgery study centers inside and outside of the US as we collectively seek to better define new techniques for best use of the EndoFLIP system for gastric band adjustments.”

Larry Fulton, VP sales of the Americas Crospon, said: “We are pleased to be launching EndoFLIP to the U.S. market, following on from its successful release in Europe last year. Gastric banding is the fastest growing class of bariatric surgery in the US, and we believe that EndoFLIP can bring a new science to gastric band adjustment.”

Based in Galway, Ireland, Crospon develops minimally invasive medical devices for monitoring, diagnosis and therapy in the gastroenterology area. As part of the World Congress, Crospon also presented, the results of a pilot clinical study which assesses the optimum stoma size for a well adjusted gastric band will be presented.