Covidien claimed that the V-Loc 90 surgical device’s self-anchoring loop and barb combination enables surgeons to close dermal wounds quickly and securely without tying knots or changing standard closure techniques.

According to Covidien, the V-Loc 180 device holds the wound edges together securely for the critical wound healing period, with absorption substantially complete within 180 days. The V-Loc 90 device contains faster absorbing material, which is based on Covidien’s Biosyn suture technology, and absorption is essentially complete within 90 to110 days.

Michel Therin, vice president of Soft Tissue Repair & Biosurgery at Covidien, said: “With this new addition to our knotless wound closure portfolio, surgeons have an even broader array of choices for closing surgical incisions safely, quickly and effectively. The V-Loc 90 device is designed to provide better patient outcomes through the fast absorption of the product following the critical wound healing period after surgery.”