Covidien has announced the launch of the Puritan Bennett 540 portable ventilator in the United States. It is a quiet, lightweight ventilator runs on a lithium-ion battery. The battery (depending on settings and other factors) provides up to 11 hours of power and features a real-time battery life indicator that is a significant technological advancement. The indicator displays remaining battery life in hours and minutes, instead of as a percentage of charge, eliminating guesswork about when the ventilator needs to be connected to a power source for recharging. The portability, long battery life and ease of use enable the ventilator-dependent patient to pursue daily activities with confidence and peace of mind, ultimately enhancing quality of life. Puritan Bennett 540 ventilator is of 9.9 pounds weight which is compact and light. The ventilator comes with a dual bag, making it easy to carry by hand and in a backpack, or to attach to a wheelchair. A car charger and an external battery are also available for the unit, so the ventilator can be charged or used during road travel. The ventilator also features a quick and reactive flow trigger for patient comfort, minimizing the work of breathing, with the added benefit of the patient being able to set PEEP (positive end expiratory pressure). Puritan Bennett 540 ventilator can be used by patients of all ages - adults, children and infants as small as 11 pounds.