Designed for intuitive use, the AS Meniscal Repair device features needles in curved and straight configurations and has a laser-etched depth markings, which allow for precision in depth of penetration.

Several studies, conducted by Covidien, demonstrated that the AS Meniscal Repair Device can deploy sutures with strong fixation, without the need for any anchors.

Mansfield Orthopaedics board certified orthopedic surgeon Bryan Huber said the new surgical device enables surgeons to use the all-suture approach in a less invasive arthroscopic fashion.

"With an all-suture method of fixation, the AS Meniscal Repair Device eliminates any migration risk of broken tacks or anchors which could cause damage inside the knee and may lead to increased operative time during removal," Huber added.

"The AS Meniscal Repair Device has improved my operative efficiency by delivering a high level of reliability and success."

Covidien R&D director Peter Marshall said,"The innovation seen in the design of the AS Meniscal Repair Device provides orthopedic surgeons with the confidence and security of an all-suture repair without the concern of rigid implant placement in soft tissue."