The new respiration rate system features an adult respiratory sensor, Nellcor Respiration Rate Version 2.0 software, and the Nellcor bedside respiratory patient monitoring system, PM1000N.

Recently, the Nellcor Respiration Rate Version 2.0 software and PM1000N received CE Mark approval.

The new Nellcor respiration rate system allows clinicians to monitor a patient’s oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and respiration rate through a single integrated finger sensor. The system provides accurate respiration rates of ± 1 breath per minute.

The new device provides respiration rate through a continuous, non-invasive patient monitoring platform, which enables clinicians to review respiratory trend data over the course of a patient’s treatment.

Covidien Patient Monitoring general manager and vice president Matt Anderson said that this single integrated sensor technology is a significant development in the patient monitoring industry.

"It supports Covidien’s goal of being on the forefront of cutting-edge medical technology to enable clinicians to provide better patient care," Anderson added.