Covance Inc. (Covance) has opened three new clinical development offices in Kiev, Ukraine, Bratislava, Slovakia and Tel Aviv, Israel. The new clinical development offices located in Kiev and Bratislava will support staff in Ukraine and Slovakia, including Covance's regional network of field-based CRAs throughout Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The new Tel Aviv clinical development office serves to center operations and support staff across both regions.

The new clinical development offices and expanded workforce will help Covance expedite the execution of clinical studies and build strategic relationships with investigators and sites in countries well known for their excellent potential to contribute to global clinical trial conduct.

From 1994, Covance has been providing clinical trial support in Central and Eastern Europe with offices in Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and Russia.

From 1995, Covance has been providing clinical trial support in South-Eastern Europe (Greece and Turkey) and the Middle East (Israel and Egypt), with Israel being a strategic location.

“The establishment of this series of three new offices indicates our commitment to serve the needs of our clients for high-quality and timely clinical development on a global basis, leveraging the patient and investigator potential of emerging markets,” said Robert J. Davie, vice president and general manager, clinical development services Europe, Covance. “We will continue moving forward with our strategy to expand into geographies that align our therapeutic focus with investigators that consistently demonstrate high-quality results, regulatory compliance, and enrollment performance to meet the current and future clinical research needs of our clients.”