CorMatrix’s ECM for Cardiac Tissue Repair is used to repair heart structures during open heart surgery. The CorMatrix ECM, sutured onto the heart tissue in need of repair enables the body cells to infiltrate, replace and remodel the implanted ECM with native tissue.

CorMatrix claimed that its medical device repairs damaged tissue without leaving permanent synthetic or foreign materials in the body, resulting unwanted effects. The anatomy is restored naturally through the course of the body’s innate wound healing process.

CorMatrix ECM Technology has been commercially available in the US since 2006 and has been implanted in nearly 20,000 cardiac surgery procedures at more than 300 hospitals in the US.

Giovanni Stellin, professor and chief pediatric cardiac surgeon at the University of Padova, said: “Through my experience using CorMatrix ECM for pericardial closure procedures, we’ve seen that it supports native tissue repair and provides favorable outcomes for patients. The cardiac tissue repair product will be a welcome addition to our surgical protocol.”

Beecher Lewis, president and chief operating officer of CorMatrix, said: “This CE mark will allow surgeons in Europe to expand their use of CorMatrix ECM to patients needing cardiac tissue repair. We believe this additional indication will allow us to significantly expand our presence outside of the United States and drive growth in key markets.”