Ranked as the best hospital in Latin America for 10 years in a row, Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital will continue to uphold its standing by leveraging the Company’s technology in its health system’s leading research facilities.

“Our hospital has a long history of innovation and research and is seen as one of the leading medical institutions across Latin America, including in the field of medical robotics. Being the first hospital in the Southern Hemisphere to implement CorPath GRX shows our continued dedication to finding the best possible treatments for our patients,” said Dr. Marcelo Franken, Head of Cardiology, Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital. “This partnership with Corindus is aligned with our vision of the future and will help our recently launched Center of Complex Cardiac Interventions to further our clinical research efforts as we continue to invest in the world’s leading technologies,” said Dr. Pedro Lemos, Head of Interventional Cardiology of the Hospital.

Recent data indicates that approximately 90,000 percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures are performed each year in Brazil’s public health system, a number that increases at a rate of approximately five to seven percent every year. A similar number of privately insured patients undergo PCI procedures in Brazil annually. Additionally, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Brazil, accounting for 28% of deaths annually.

The hospital will implement the system in a clinical research capacity to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of robotics and to support efforts to obtain future regulatory approval by the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency.

Dr. Sidney Klajner, president of the Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein, stated, “We are thrilled to, once more, contribute to leading breakthroughs in the health system in the country. Adding Corindus to our portfolio is one of the steps we take towards the excellence that we treasure here at Einstein. The access to robotic procedures in Brazil is limited, not only in the public health system, but in the private, and as one of the precursors in the innovation and specifically in robotics, Einstein is committed to bringing new techniques and systems to bring about this scenario.”

“The demand for robotics based medical procedures in South America is significant and Corindus is proud to partner with one of Brazil’s leading healthcare institutions to introduce this technology,” said Mark Toland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Corindus. “This latest installation marks yet another key milestone in Corindus’ global expansion, which over the past few months includes France, Japan and now Brazil. We are excited about the growing adoption of vascular robotics in South America and across the globe.”

Source: Company Press Release.