The SkyLAB 752 is an automated microplate processing euipment which utilizes a LED microplate reading system that allows precision, reduced maintenance and a 3.5 OD dynamic range.

The SkyLAB instrument includes incubation options that include bubble detection; clot detection; heating and shaking;positive sample ID; the use of standard disposable pipette tips that eliminate carryover and custom software that allows remote diagnostics and communication with LIS software.

SkyLAB 752 with its pipetting system can easily process Corgenix rapid enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests and provides Corgenix products with longer incubation times.

Corgenix president and CEO Douglass Simpson said the features of the SkyLAB 752 will allow them to market this instrument in conjunction with Corgenix ELISA kits and offer higher throughput and labor-saving advantages to their customers.

AXA Diagnostics GM Silvio Furino said their new SkyLAB 752 instrument gives Corgenix the ability to automate their rapid immunoassay kits.