Enabling the production of a guide catheter with the largest lumen size, the Adroit Catheter’s hybrid braid wire technology also facilitates better control and back up support.

The Adroit Guiding Catheter offers variety of shapes that include extra back-up and radial specific shapes to support the treatment requirements of various coronary anatomies.

Cordis president Celine Martin said that the new Adroit Guiding Catheter allows physicians to have more options for treating a wide range of challenging cases.

"It accommodates easier advancement of devices with its 0.072′ diameter, the largest inner diameter of any guiding catheter in the U.S., while providing better support and control at the same time. These features enhance treatment options for physicians, including the treatment of cases with complex lesions and those to be conducted using the radial approach."

The new design incorporating a flexible distal segment and soft longer tip also allows atraumatic placement and stability.

"Our vision at Cordis is to transform cardiovascular care, a field in which incredible progress has been made over the last decade, but one in which much more remains to be done. We are excited for the launch of our new ADROITTM Guiding Catheter as it complements our guide catheter portfolio with its technological and design advances.

"We will continue to deliver innovative solutions that save lives and improve the quality of life for people around the world," concluded Martin.