The company’s Approach CTO microwires, the first .014-inch wires designed specifically for crossing chronic total occlusions and extremely tight lesions in the peripheral arteries. The Advance line of balloon dilatation catheters comprises three low-profile balloons (14LP, 18LP, 35LP) that range in size and composition to treat lesions in the peripheral arteries (from the femoral through the popliteal and into the infrapopliteal region). Each balloon features a low crossing profile and small-sheath compatibility, which helps reduce the need for an invasive arterial entry and may shorten patient recovery time. Used as an adjunct to percutaneous transluminal angioplasty in the iliac, the Zilver 518 RX is a self-expanding nitinol stent with rapid exchange capabilities that ensure accuracy.

In addition to its new PAD products, at VIVA 2009 in Booth 150, Cook also will have products on display to improve the prognosis of individuals with abdominal aortic aneurysm or pulmonary embolism. The Zenith TX2 Pro-Form endograft, engineered especially for procedures in which the product must be positioned in tight aortic arches, utilizes an improved delivery system that allows for carefully controlled deployment of the endograft to help establish proximal conformity of the device to the aortic wall. The new NavAlign IVC filter delivery system, introduced last month for both the Cook Celect and G√ľnther Tulip filters, is designed to minimize trauma and streamline filter placement with easy jugular access.