The Advance CS coronary sinus infusion catheter is a percutaneous balloon infusion catheter developed to be used in retrograde coronary sinus infusion (RCSI) procedures.

The catheter will be used to infuse therapeutic agents into the heart through the coronary venous system.

Cook Regentec’s Compass CT disposable pressure transducer will be used to continuously monitor infusion pressure and pressure in the patient’s heart during the procedure.

The University of Miami Health System cardiac surgery chief Dr Amit Patel said: “Using the Advance CS Coronary Sinus Infusion Catheter, clinicians can deliver therapeutics, including cell and gene therapies, in an out-patient setting.

“What we once performed on patients through invasive surgery can now be done in a minimally invasive procedure, lowering medical costs, increasing patient safety and delivering the most effective biologics to treat each patient.

“In the evolution of gene and cell therapies, this is a revolutionary medical device for both clinicians and patients.”

The Advance CS coronary sinus infusion catheter is specified for temporary occlusion of the coronary sinus for infusion of contrast media, drugs, and therapeutic agents, or possible introduction of devices into the coronary venous system.

The Compass CT disposable pressure transducer is a disposable pressure transducer, which features an integrated digital display to monitor physiological pressure and show pressure during the infusion of therapeutic agents.

Based in Indianapolis of Indiana, Cook Regentec is engaged in the development of research and clinical tools to advance regenerative medicine therapies from the lab to the patient.

Cook Regentec produces a range of products, including ellular growth media, solutions for cryopreservation, and medical devices for the delivery of therapeutic agents.

The firm’s products will be used in the expansion, packaging, storing, thawing, delivering and processing activities.

Cook Regentec produces HemaTrate blood filtration system, which is used for preparing autologous platelet concentrate (fPC) or total nucleated cell (TNC) concentrate.