Cook Medical has introduced new bone biopsy needle products including Osteo-site ratchet and Osteo-site coaxial bone biopsy needle set.

Osteo-site rachet’s 360-degree unidirectional drilling action and spade tip design allows manual drilling into hard bone without loss of pressure or control.

Osteo-site coaxial bone biopsy needle set features a 14 and 16 gage biopsy cannula, which includes a trephine tip to allow coaxial biopsy.

The needle set is compatible with any Osteo-site outer cannula size (11 or 13 gage).

Cook Medical interventional radiology and critical care division vice president and global leader Dan Sirota said the company is pleased to introduce these products at society of interventional radiology (SIR) to help the interventional radiology community expand treatment options and improve patients’ lives.