The new 60,000ft² facility, which will join the company’s existing $20m Canton-based facility, will manufacture polytetrafluoroethylene tubing used in various Cook’s medical devices.

Cook Medical president Kem Hawkins said over nearly 50 years, the company has reinvested more than $1.5bn in plants across the US.

"At Cook, we have always believed in reinvesting revenues earned here and abroad in new manufacturing facilities that create jobs for people, while ensuring that the Cook organization continues to grow," Hawkins added.

"Today, we are thrilled to open Cook Polymer Technology Canton, which will provide another 60 jobs to the people of Canton and add a significant economic boost to this small community."

Canton mayor Kevin Meade said, "He’s amazed at the impact of the tubing plant, along with the sister plant Cook opened there two years ago that now employs more than 100 skilled workers making angiographic catheters, has had on his economically challenged community," Meade added.