Featuring the ConvaTec patented Hydrofiber Technology combined with skin-friendly hydrocolloid technology, Aquacel Ag Surgical cover dressings are supported by evidence showing reduction in the incidence of superficial surgical site infection (SSI), skin blistering and delayed discharge as compared to a non-woven post-operative surgical cover dressing regimen.

The construction of Aquacel Ag Surgical cover dressings provides a waterproof, viral and bacterial barrier that allows for flexibility and extensibility during body movement.

ConvaTec said that the Aquacel Ag Surgical cover dressings are available in four sizes, each 9cm wide, for incisions from 4cm to 27cm in length. The performance of the cover dressings is powered by gelling action of the company’s Hydrofiber Technology dressings, which absorb and lock in fluid, including harmful bacteria.

In a prospective study, involving 428 patients undergoing hip or knee surgery, a hospital’s then standard non-woven post-operative dressing regimen (Mepore dressing covering Aquacel dressing) was compared with a new dressing regimen of Aquacel dressing covered with DuoDERM Extra Thin dressing after application of a liquid film-forming acrylate.

The new dressing regimen demonstrated a reduction in superficial surgical site infection of 67%, a reduction in blistering of 88% and a reduction in delayed discharge of 80%.

Michael Steadman, president of ConvaTec Wound Therapeutics, said: “The innovative design of Aquacel Ag Surgical cover dressings has been proven to handle post-operative challenges complications that can translate to increased time, expense and concern for the patient’s well-being.

“Clinicians caring for patients with acute and chronic wounds from all over the world are familiar with the benefits of Hydrofiber Technology, which we are now pleased to make available to the surgical community in an easy-to-use solution for their post-operative needs.”