The new second generation of 3D volume processing and the photo-like 3D rendering software provides new features that brings 3D imaging to a higher level. The products offer a higher diagnostic value and support further use of 3D ultrasound.

GOPiCEĀ® 2.0 is the only product on the market for real-time volumetric image processing for 3D ultrasound images. The new product includes several new features, enabling optimization for different visualization techniques, both MPR view and rendered view. The intelligent processing within near- and far-field guarantees excellent image quality throughout the whole volume.

Additionally, ContextVision will, for the first time, show a completely new feature within the new innovative 3D visualization product, REALiCETM. This new feature, the Skeletal View, provides excellent visualization of the fetal skeleton and helps review details related to bone mineralization and physical defects.

REALiCE is a versatile visualization software which delivers photo-like images and supports early fetal diagnosis. By combining the GOPiCE adaptive 3D/4D volume enhancement with new true-to-data rendering technology, it provides ultrasound manufacturers with superb high-end visualization capabilities and image quality.

ContextVision set the 3D/4D ultrasound application trend in 2009 when it released GOPiCE US, the first product to filter 3D/4D ultrasound images. ContextVision continues to lead ultrasound imaging by providing OEMs with the best ultrasound image quality available for not only OB/GYN, but general imaging.

As for mammography, the newly released GOPView Mammo3 will be featured at ContextVision’s booth. GOPView Mammo3 is a complete image processing software for screening as well as for diagnostic digital mammography. It is adaptable for the entire range of mammography systems and provides optimized images for different breast densities, as well as customized for regional and individual preferences.

"ContextVision continues to develop gold standard products," shared Anita Tollstadius, ContextVision CEO. "I am particularly proud of the new 3D products that will change the way we visualize 3D and 4D images. This year we’re taking an even greater lead in this growing market segment with 3D/4D ultrasound."