ContextVision, a provider of medical image enhancement software, has signed an agreement with Vistinct, a company newly founded by a research team from the Visualization Centre at Linkoping University.

Under the terms of agreement, ContextVision will have the exclusive rights for a new 3D rendering technology within the field of ultrasound medical imaging.

As a first step, and in collaboration with Vistinct, ContextVision will develop a new ultrasound product that will help manufacturers deliver more realistic prenatal ultrasound images.

ContextVision CEO Anita Tollstadius said the Vistinct research team is excellent and the company has already established a very fruitful collaboration.

"By acquiring the rights to this advanced technology we will strengthen our position in 3D ultrasound," Tollstadius added.

"We believe that a product based on this rendering software will complement our 3D image enhancement portfolio in a very good way."

The company anticipates the first product to be commercially available by the end of 2014.