Effective immediately, every sale will include the capability to continuously monitor all connected life-safety systems. Current Connexall customers can incorporate this feature as a complimentary benefit with a simple addition to their existing Connexall installations.

Caregivers have come to rely on Connexall for alarm management and event notification as an adjunct to primary notification systems. However, should one of those primary systems fail, the caregiver may misconstrue silence for patient safety and all systems operating as designed.

With this enhanced offering from Connexall, caregivers are provided additional security and peace of mind. If their active monitoring/life-safety systems are detected by Connexall as offline or inoperable, an alert will be sent immediately both to the nursing station and to the appropriate IT or biomed resource according to customer workflow. Once initiated, the alert will continue to alarm until it is acknowledged or the inoperable condition clears.

"The power of the Connexall system lies not only in the superior ability to route alarms and alerts to the assigned caregiver; now, the system can also monitor the status of connected devices assuring maximum reliability of the monitoring application and peace of mind for the caregiver," stated John Elms, president of Connexall.

"Those abilities will now be incorporated as an embedded feature in every Connexall purchase," continued Elms.

At every hospital around the globe, patient safety is the number one priority. With Connexall’s enhanced offering included in every product deployment, the level of visibility to alarm management network integrity and patient safety will increase considerably.

Connexall is the KLAS ‘top provider’ of a hospital-wide interoperability engine and the industry leader in alarm management and event notification.

Its capabilities act as backbone for clinical workflow, communicating the right information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Based on more than 20 years of R&D efforts, the Class II medical device software is completely vendor-neutral and device-agnostic.

Connexall has offices in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Portugal and Hong Kong and works with more than 1,100 of the world’s most renowned and progressive hospitals and health systems.