Connectyx Technologies is involved in providing healthcare products including MedFlash, the electronic Personal Health Manager, Medical Transcription, Disease Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and Medical Consulting – Billing.

Under the transaction, Connectyx said it has not acquired liabilities of U.S.A. Medical Monitoring Services, but acquired all the assets including customer accounts with monthly recurring revenue, inventory, website, marketing material and contracts.

Connectyx Technologies CEO Ronn Schuman said the products of U.S.A. Medical Monitoring Services add considerable value to the company’s In Case of Emergency member benefit program.

"Having already worked with Mr. Larkin, Founder of U.S.A. Medical Monitoring Services on some other related healthcare projects, we believed that the added value of this company would be significant for our members and add additional shareholder value as we increase our membership of this growing vertical," Schuman added.