The FLDOC awarded CompuMed a new multi-year contract to provide interpretative ECG services and cardiologist over-reads for detainees at selected correctional facilities statewide. CompuMed has 85 CardioGram System 707 ECG machines installed at the FLDOC facilities.

Maurizio Vecchione, CompuMed’s CEO said, The Florida Department of Corrections is our single biggest account, and the new contract allows for a 10-year renewal.”

Under the terms of the CDCR extension, CompuMed will continue to provide remote cardiac screening and over-reads for detainees at selected CDCR facilities statewide. The CDCR uses 56 of CompuMed’s CardioGram systems. CompuMed will continue to provide ECG services for selected ADC facilities, with remote cardiac screening on an as-needed basis. The AZDOC owns 45 of CompuMed’s CardioGram systems.

“We have close to a 100 percent renewal rate with our large correctional clients, which confirms the need for our ECG services and client satisfaction with CompuMed, said Mr. Vecchione. “We hope to continue our expansion into other markets as we move into 2010 with a new focus on home healthcare.

President Obama has called for increased use of telemedicine and electronic medical records to provide medical access at remote or isolated sites,” said Mr. Vecchione. “This puts CompuMed’s telecardiology division in an excellent position for additional growth,” he added.