The partnership will combine CommerceTel’s mobile services technology with Magellan’s VirtualClinic telemedicine/telehealth platform to innovate and capitalize on mobile healthcare opportunities in caring for patients anywhere, anytime.

The two companies will leverage CommerceTel’s C4 mobile services platform, and related technologies, to co-develop ‘mHealth’ solutions, focusing initially on remote workers such as seafarers, and those traveling for specialized care.

Existing mobile channels such as IVR, SMS and MMS will be creatively applied to Magellan’s existing phone and Internet based healthcare solutions, while Magellan also designs, develops and deploys new concepts and mHealth applications.

Magellan CEO Terry Knapp said they believe that mHealth applications riding on CommerceTel’s mobile communications platform for information distribution, provides them with distinct market advantage, and the technology to develop new concepts for the future.