The innovative new product will be displayed at the ACOG Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN, May 3-6, 2019 in booth 1902.

Resilient Professional Foot Supports are the first 100 percent silicone engineered platform that provides patients with outstanding support of the foot during office-based exams and procedures. Attaching securely to medical exam table stirrups by means of stretch attachment, Resilient Professional Foot Supports are designed to ergonomically cradle the foot, increasing patient comfort and satisfaction. This thoughtfully designed device offers a larger surface area for foot placement, which is essential for patients whose feet do not otherwise fit in stirrups provided. Patients are welcomed by a flexible, comfortable surface as opposed to cold, metal stirrups. Resilient Professional Foot Supports merge a “soft touch” finish with clean lines that aid in slip resistance.

“Traditionally, office exam tables provide cold, hard, serviceable but unwelcoming exam table stirrups,” said co-founder Autumn Bridger DO, and board certified Urologist. “Occasionally, medical practices will try to make the exam better by covering up the problem with a sock or even an oven mitt. We knew by combining our skills we could solve this simple but broad reaching problem. Developing Resilient Professional Foot Supports is our first venture, and serves as a catalyst for a larger goal.”

Co-founder and architect Brittany Luea added, “We have created the framework that allows us to recreate and rework many problems that exist in healthcare. Together, as a physician, an architect, and most importantly as patients, we plan to propel a new design aesthetic into medical products and accessories.”

In addition to the contemporary design aesthetic, Resilient Professional Foot Supports are also designed to undergo a high level of disinfection by means of chemical or heat sterilization, such as autoclave or Steris. This is anticipated to set the standard for exam table foot supports due to the demands for sterile environments and the ever-growing scrutiny in healthcare related infections. After being sterilized, the foot supports conveniently fold back into the bed. The reusable foot supports are durable and long lasting, reducing waste that is often prevalent in healthcare’s “use once and toss” culture.

According to Dr. Eric Chapman of the Essentia Health Clinic in Brainerd, MN, “Resilient Professional Foot Supports are really very innovative and provide stirrup comfort and stability. We have found that for a minor expense, they bring patients comfort and helps to transform their experience.”

Source: Company Press Release