CombiMatrix Corporation has announced a positive preliminary data on its investigational Comprehensive Cancer Array (CCA) test showing it can non-invasively screen for the early detection of cancer. The results presented at Cambridge Healthtech Institute's 16th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference held in San Francisco, focused on prostate, colon, ovarian, breast, and lung cancers. Preliminary data using serum from cancer-free patients and patients with cancer at various stages (stage 1 to stage 4) were presented. The company used a comprehensive micro RNA (miRNA, a recently discovered type of nucleic acid) array built on its CustomArray platform to perform this study. The study's key demonstration was that the miRNA expression patterns, in blood, for patients with cancer (including early stage 1) were dramatically different from patients who were cancer-free. The resulting analysis indicated that a clear distinction could be made between patients with cancer and those without. Results also indicated that identification of the specific cancer was possible. Further data from this and other studies will be presented in the coming months. The test is non-invasive and requires only a blood sample from the patient. The CCA is not intended to identify those who might be at high risk of cancer. The aim of this test is to identify existing cancerous or pre-cancerous growths in individuals at the time of the test and furthermore, to identify the organ system where the growth might be. The company expects to launch the test in 2010.