The surgical sealant is designed to reduce large and small bowel anastomoses leakages, which are the cause of one third of the mortalities following colorectal surgery.

The study, which is currently underway in Europe, is being conducted in two hospitals in the Netherlands, Europe to investigate the safety of the product and its ability to reduce anastomotic leaks following bowel repair.

Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre nephrologist Dr Bemelman said, "We look forward to enrolling more patients in the study and being part of this important research."

Cohera Medical president and chief executive officer Patrick Daly said the treatment of the first patient will be the company’s second class 3 product in humans.

"Our Sylys product has the potential to transform the healing process following bowel repair and associated complications in colorectal surgeries," Daly added.

Cohera said the Sylys product is currently indicated for investigational use only and has not yet been approved for medical use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).