Thrombectomy Device is a clot removal device, which can be used to restore blood flow in patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to intracranial occlusive vessel disease.

The device has been developed to ease navigation through small and tortuous blood vessels and arteries in the cerebral vasculature.

Codman Neuro worldwide president Laxmin Laxminarain said the company continues to expand its presence throughout the world with existing and new solutions that fill clinical needs and improve patient care.

"We are pleased to offer the REVIVE SE Device in these countries, which have a high incidence of stroke and an increasing need for new and advanced treatment options," Laxminarain added.

The device features closed-ended soft distal tip to capture clots and large fragments with minimal trauma and a narrow and tall strut design to improve penetration and engage more blood.

The device has not yet received approval in the US, while it is available in Europe.

The REVIVE PV (Peripheral Vascular) Thrombectomy Device is available in the US, which is used to restore blood flow through non-surgical removal of emboli and thrombi from peripheral blood vessels.