Developed for use by the public, doctors, in emergency rooms and first responders, StopsBleeding minimizes bleeds when applied on persons with cuts, lacerations and major trauma wounds.

CoAg Medical chief medical officer Dr Amir Ahmed said: "StopsBleeding changes First Aid bleeding situations forever. Everyone knows to apply pressure to a wound.

"Everyone knows to apply pressure to a wound. Now everyday people will generously apply StopsBleeding powder to their wound and apply pressure."

The company received FDA approval for the product for topical and trauma bleeding. It is a sterile modified amylopectin and organic powder that effectively stops bleeding for topical and other major arterial wounds.

According to the firm, gun-shot wounds can also be controlled with StopsBleeding and it will stop bleeding in seconds.

The company will sell the wound management product through Walmart and other stores in the US.

CoAg Medical vice-president Shelly Amann said: "To supply India, the Middle East and Africa, we plan on building another plant in the spring of 2016 in Dubai with the same manufacturing capacity as in our St. Paul, MN plant."

The firm also produces other products such as BleedingStops, BleedStop, BloodStop, StopBlood and StopBloodloss.