CoActiv will typically store five to ten years of exams on a local EXAM-VAULT archive at the imaging site. With the help of CoActiv software, as new exams are acquired, they will trigger the immediate transmission of both the new exams and all relevant archived images to all appropriate workstations. Due of its unique long-term onsite archive and the new Auto-Fetch technology, the CoActiv archive solution is the fast, easy and reliable. The new addition to the CoActiv EXAM-VAULT family of services automatically sends all exams to two off-site mirrored archive servers in CoActiv’s Tier-IV data centers. All studies in this QUAD-REDUNDANT ARCHIVE solution are also burned to two 25-year archival-DVDs, one kept in secure CoActiv storage and other sent to client for storage.

The new CoActiv solution will support archiving of any digital imaging modality and also related non-image DICOM-RT data sets. It eliminates the long recall time and pre-fetching traditionally associated with mammography exams in older conventional archive solutions thus will benefit mammography sites.

The CoActiv solution to streamline conversion for sites with existing in-house or outsourced image archives, includes an automated data migration utility with full field mapping and data integrity checks. The migration process follows standard industry conventions and has also been tested with many major archiving suppliers on a full range of modalities, including mammography.

The new CoActiv offering is a specialized component of CoActiv EXAM-VAULT, considered reliable, redundant and safe Secure Storage Provider (SSP) solution available.

“Our new archiving model is a uniquely ideal choice for women’s imaging centers requiring unlimited scalability for data-intensive mammography exams with the ability to instantly and simultaneously review multiple years of prior images,” said Heere. “It is specially enhanced to streamline the complexities of image archive migration and management for customers opting to transition to our advanced new solution from an existing in-house or another managed archiving service.”

This new CoActiv solution was developed in consultation with a number of women’s imaging centers. The offering includes complete exam migration, redundant on- and offsite storage, Auto-Fetch functionality and more, all at an affordable price. The managed archiving service integrates with any PACS and also functions with a direct-to-modality connection for sites without a PACS.

The users of CoActiv EXAM-VAULT will enjoy instant multi-year retrieval of priors, along with HIPAA-compliant and audited security. All archiving functionality and maintain an ongoing commitment to technology upgrades are monitored and managed by CoActiv IT and data security experts making obsolescence a thing of the past.

The new CoActiv archiving solution will support the full range of cardiology, radiology, orthopedic, oncology imaging and related data, from x-ray, MRI and CT to mammography and bone densitometry. This solution also supports innovative digital acquisition, distribution, viewing and storage for radiation therapy, breast specific gamma imaging (BSGI), nuclear medicine, PET/CT and more.

“In rapidly evolving radiology business environment, often imaging sites are seeking new, secure, high-performance and more affordable archiving options,” said Heere. “CoActiv has filled the void in the marketplace with a comprehensive managed archiving service that offers some of the most advanced technology available. Advanced functionality at an affordable price is an important reason why CoActiv’s business has expanded rapidly in this challenging marketplace, where so many medical facilities are experiencing a slowdown. In fact, our business more than doubled during Q1 of this year compared to the same quarter during 2008 because the marketplace is embracing our uniquely cost-effective solution.”