QualityAdvisor, part of Premier’s QualityConnect, combines clinically proven analytical methods with a benchmark database of more than 600 facilities to provide timely, actionable information in all levels of a healthcare organization. The solution identifies clinical and financial improvement opportunities, understands drivers for variation in practice, and monitors quality of patient care.

In addition, Premier Consulting Solutions provides consulting to hospitals working to create the processes around Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluations (OPPE) and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) in anticipation of The Joint Commission surveys.

Along with supporting The Joint Commission OPPE regulatory reporting needs, QualityAdvisor also provides analyses on Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) indicators and hospital acquired conditions, and links core measures data to outcomes.

Deb McGowan, director of performance improvement at CMC-NorthEast, part of the Carolinas Healthcare System, said: “One of our main objectives is to have a consistent solution and process for driving high-quality care across our entire healthcare system. Our goal is to work side by side with our physicians to identify areas for process improvement that will ensure the best quality care for our patients.

“This healthcare data product is a key element and given its strong physician reporting capabilities that help support The Joint OPPE, QualityAdvisor will enhance our ability to better define those opportunities and engage in meaningful dialogue with our physicians.”

Keith Figlioli, premier senior vice president of Healthcare Informatics, said: “The intent of the OPPE requirements is to help care providers drive performance improvements on a more timely basis, identifying areas for improvement so doctors can improve their care over time and not be penalized for something out of their control.

“Our solutions support The Joint Commission OPPE recommended metrics, identifying variance in practice patterns and resource utilization to provide analyses that tell our members what they need to know to make meaningful, rapid change.”