The newly introduced MedX silver product series from Sanitized has been incorporated into Clariant's Mevopur masterbatches, extending the antimicrobial options for the medical device market.

Clariant’s extended line supports development of medical devices needing the functional benefits of antimicrobials, helped by data on both the antimicrobial and polymers incorporating Mevopur antimicrobial masterbatch range.

Clariant has developed data packages that can support regulatory notifications and filings, as well as reduce the time and costs associated with the product development stage.

Clariant’s Mevopur masterbatches offer manufacturers the latest anti-microbial agents incorporated into the selected polymer carrier according to the final customer’s application requirements under Clariant’s ISO13485 quality system.

Device manufacturers will not require to undertake a secondary antimicrobial coating operation on their medical device, with the incorporation of the antimicrobial protection directly in the polymer, reducing risk associated with delamination of the coating.

The in-built antimicrobial function can be combined with other functionality.

Main application areas for the Mevopur antimicrobial masterbatches are catheters, endoscopes and surgical instruments, and preservative-free pharmaceutical packaging solutions.