Clariant, a provider of color and surface engineered materials, has launched Mevopur, a range of color and performance masterbatches for pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices.

Clariant claims that the new Mevopur brand acknowledges the pharmaceutical and medical industry’s need for material consistency, reliability and change-control and can help brand owners and manufacturers minimise risk potential in an application’s development and life cycle.

Mevopur secures controlled, consistent and compliant color creativity which help designers and manufacturers to add a distinctive aesthetic touch to pharmaceutical packaging and medical devices, maintaining regulatory requirements.

In addition, Clariant said that its North American center of competence in Lewiston, Maine, has gained ISO 13485 accreditation.

Clariant Global Market Segment Consumer Goods & Medical head Steve Duckworth said that the same trend they have seen in the personal care market for achieving differentiation and shelf appeal through attractive color choice is influencing the medical device and pharmaceutical packaging sector.

“Pharmaceutical companies comment that a well designed and visually appealing package can extend the life-cycle of a pharmaceutical product beyond what would normally be expected in particular after patent protection expired,” Duckworth said.