The power-assist technology is comprised of a sophisticated and patented mini computer system which allows wheelchair users to move in an effortless and resistant-free manner.

The technology not only allows the user to move easily on rough terrain such as grass or inclines, but it also automatically slows the wheelchair down to a stop when going downhill without having to use hands as the braking system.

On the products that CJPS Medical Systems will use this technology, the controller and battery are cleverly concealed under the wheelchair seat, giving the appearance of a standard manual wheelchair, and only adding a minimal amount of load, making this powered wheelchair a fraction of the weight of powered wheelchairs.

The battery provides up to 9 miles of sustainable travel on a 3.5 hour charge.

CJPS Medical Systems will manufacture the products at its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan and distribute them on a global basis both on an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) basis as well as an aftermarket add-on.

This technology was previously integrated with a wheelchair frame, and sold by Independence Technology under the INDEPENDENCE iGLIDE brand.