21st Century will be using Protura in conjunction with CIVCO’s newly-released Universal Couchtop Kevlar Extension and Varian Medical Systems Calypso system for the treatment of prostate cancer.

When treating patients with external beam radiation therapy, Protura remotely repositions patients with robotic 6 degrees of freedom to ensure sub-millimeter positioning accuracy of the targeted tumor. Protura provides more accurate positioning of the patient, minimizing the exposure of radiation to surrounding healthy tissue.
CIVCO Medical Solutions Radiation Oncology senior vice president and general manager Nat Geissel noted that the company is honored to be partnering with 21st Century Oncology to improve patient care with state-of-the art technology.

"In addition to improved treatment accuracy for patients, Protura’s integration with existing linear accelerators enables cancer treatment centers to improve their treatment methods at an affordable price. Both of our organizations are focused on providing the highest quality of care and the addition of Protura to 21st Century Oncology will only enhance that. Cancer is affecting more Americans every day and this partnership will provide solutions for improved patient treatments," Geissel added.

Standardizing radiation treatments from the initial treatment simulation to the actual treatment of the tumor will allow a more efficient process for the 21st Century Oncology and more accurate treatment of the disease.

Protura will be installed and integrated with an existing Varian Medical Systems’ Trilogy linear accelerator at 21st Century Oncology’s Scottsdale location. This is the first Protura installation in the state of Arizona.