IntraOp’s Mobetron is a mobile, self-shielded, technology that delivers radiation directly to a tumor site during cancer surgery without having to pass through the surrounding body structures by a procedure IOERT.

The Mobetron enables radiation and surgical professionals to visually pinpoint the optimal site for radiation by seeing the exposed tumor bed and delivering a concentrated beam of radiation to a specific depth during cancer surgery.

The clinical studies involving a number of cancer indications such as head and neck, sarcomas, colorectal, pancreatic, and breast have shown that patients treated with IOERT often have fewer recurrences, which correlates to increased survival.

Intraop Medical’s partner in the Benelux countries, Dutoit Medical director Guido Dutoit said that there is an increasing interest by Belgian hospitals to acquire IOERT capability.

"The clinical data showing the effectiveness of IOERT for breast cancer compared to the conventional treatment for breast cancer is very convincing, and Belgian hospitals are all looking to provide their patients the best breast cancer treatment possible and that is IOERT," Dutoit said.