As part of the deal, Christie will replace all current peripheral vascular access visualisation devices at the hospital with 17 VeinViewers through its FreshStart program.

VeinViewer is said to offer pre, during and post-access benefits throughout the entire vascular access procedure. It also helps in reducing medically unnecessary PICC lines by around 30%.

VeinViewer, which features Active Vascular Imaging Navigation (AVIN) technology, has been developed with the support of parent company Christie Digital Systems.

Wolfson Children’s Hospital operations and patient care services vice president Veronica Scott-Fulton said the company believes that the technology and support provided by Christie Medical are the best available and will result in fewer sticks and improved patient and family satisfaction.

"We are pleased to partner with Christie Medical to make Wolfson Children’s a Vascular Access Center of Excellence," added Scott-Fulton.

Christie Medical Holdings sales and marketing general manager and vice president Chris Schnee said, "Our FreshStart Program provides a significant financial benefit to all medical facilities who want to replace their unsatisfactory vein illumination devices with the VeinViewer solution."

FreshStart program is a comprehensive set of services, comprising five-year utilization training program, five-year warranty, five-year clinical education provision for hospital medical staff and five-year upgrade program to the latest product platforms from Christie.