ChoiceSpine, a medical device company, has introduced its Typhoon facet screw fixation system, designed to perform facet arthrodesis and posterior stabilization of the lumbar spine.

ChoiceSpine’s Typhoon facet screw fixation system is intended to stabilize the spine as an aid to fusion through bilateral immobilization of the facet joints, with or without bone graft, at single or multiple levels, from L1 to S1 inclusive.

The posterior facet spinal fixation system consists of screws and washers that are manufactured from titanium alloy.

The self-tapping bone screws, which are 4.5mm and 5.5mm in diameter, are designed to transfix the facet articular process in the spine for enhancing the spinal fusion and stability.

The 4.5mm screws are available in length ranging from 20mm to 60mm, while the 5.5 mm screws range in length from 25mm to 60mm.

The washers have been designed to angulate about the head of the bone screw to provide optimal bony contact over a range of screw trajectories.

These washers are available to increase the load bearing area of the screw in contact with the bone.

ChoiceSpine business development director Anderson Collins said: "The surgeon design team working in conjunction with the ChoiceSpine Engineering Team did a phenomenal job of keeping the instrumentation simple and user focused to allow prompt familiarization with the system."

For transfacet fixation, the Typhoon facet screw fixation system is inserted posteriorly through the superior side of the facet, across the facet joint, and into the pedicle.