ChoiceSpine LLC, a privately held spinal device manufacturer based in Knoxville, TN, announced today that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Blackhawk Ti Cervical Spacer System.

Anders Cohen, DO, the Lead Design Surgeon for the Blackhawk Ti system, stated, “Blackhawk Ti improves and builds upon the already successful original Blackhawk PEEK device with integrated anchor technology. The addition of 3D-printed porous titanium technology, and the implant’s unique updated design both play a role in the bone growth process during fusion. However, what really sets this system apart from others is the simplicity of the implant design and instrumentation that help to significantly reduce surgery time by decreasing the number of steps in the procedure.”

“We are excited to announce the launch of our newest 3D-printed cervical spacer system,” said Steve Ainsworth, PhD, ChoiceSpine’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Technology. Blackhawk Ti is the first to market 3D-printed system that utilizes preassembled integrated anchor technology. Blackhawk Ti is a significant addition to ChoiceSpine’s 3D-printed titanium fusion solutions portfolio. This innovation is just one example of how ChoiceSpine is bringing technically superior spinal devices to the market and doing spine the right way.

The Blackhawk Ti Cervical Spacer System includes:

BioBond™ 3D-printed titanium porous matrix

Large open graft window for bone graft containment & maximum visualization

6° Lordotic and Convex configurations available

Simultaneous, single-step anchor deployment

External locking indication for easy confirmation of cam-locking mechanism

Preassembled integrated anchor technology

ChoiceSpine LLC, is a spinal device company located in Knoxville, TN and is privately held by Altus Capital Partners. ChoiceSpine prides itself on providing excellent products aimed at improving people’s lives through a positive customer experience.

Here at ChoiceSpine, we offer a variety of surgeon focused product lines that are designed to be safe, efficient, and easy-to-use. By focusing on a collaborative team approach with physicians and industry partners, ChoiceSpine continues to deliver upon product commitments, maintain cutting edge research and development, and bring technically superior products to the forefront of the spinal implant industry.

Source: Company Press Release