The CEREC AC robot, a dental restoration system primarily used for making porcelain prosthetic teeth, was first introduced to the Chinese market by Sirona Dental Systems (Sirona).

The CEREC AC robot, which leverages the CEREC Bluecam technology, captures detailed images of dental conditions using a powerful blue light emitting diode.

The equipment provides rapid, easy imaging results in a quantum leap in dental precision, reliability and efficiency as compared to traditional procedures.

The robot is expected to change the existing operating model for dental restoration by eliminating processors off the value chain and building the bridge for direct communication between customers and hospitals.

China SHESAYS chairman and CEO Yixiang Zhang said that the introduction of the CEREC AC robot is also expected to significantly enhance our technological advantage in cosmetic dentistry, and further enhance the brand equity for our hospital.

"Our cooperation with Sirona, dubbed as the world’s largest manufacturer of dental equipment, represents a significant milestone in achieving our leadership in medical equipment applications in China," Zhang said.