Exofin Fusion combines a self-adhering flexible mesh strip, mesh anchors and a fast-curing 2-octyl cyanoacrylate topical adhesive to quickly close and seal large incisions while forming an immediate microbial barrier to protect against infections.

“Our new skin closure system can really improve the operating room experience for doctors and patients when closing larger wounds,” said Jeff Roberson, President of Chemence Medical.

“The self-adhering mesh and anchor system allows for easy application and enables surgeons to close incisions faster than sutures, while the adhesive cures in less than a minute. Meanwhile, the waterproof microbial barrier reduces the patient’s likelihood of readmission due to infection, allows them to shower immediately after surgery, and the innovative anchor system improves comfort during removal.”

Exofin Fusion is available from Chemence Medical for immediate sale in two sizes: one for medium incisions up to 20cm in length and the other for longer incisions up to 40cm in length.

While there is a myriad of uses for the new products, the key specialties and procedures that are most applicable for use with Exofin Fusion include orthopedics for total hip and knee replacements, cardiovascular, plastic surgery, orthopedics/neurosurgery for spine procedures, and obstetrics for C-section closure.

“Exofin Fusion brings the features doctors and patients love about topical wound closure adhesives to a whole new array of procedures,” said Roberson. “Chemence Medical is excited to introduce the next step in topical skin adhesives.”

Chemence Medical, Inc., headquartered in metropolitan Atlanta, GA, has redefined the medical adhesives industry, and has become a world leader in the medical device arena since its beginning in 1994.