The NICOM System provides a new parameter, Oxygen Delivery Index (DO2I), in addition to core hemodynamic parameters including cardiac output (CO), stroke volume (SV), noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), total peripheral resistance (TPR) and stroke volume variation (SVV).

In addition, the NICOM 3.0, which offers an integrated Pulse Oximetry functionality (OxiMax Covidien), offers a user friendly, intuitive touch-screen and real-time event-marking to enable rapid onset of monitoring and has interfacing capabilities with hospital monitoring and electronic systems, Cheetah Medical said.

Cheetah Medical CEO Yoav Avidor said that with the increase in prevalence of sepsis, heart failure and major surgical procedures and the awareness for the pivotal role of fluid resuscitation in outcomes and costs, hospitals are looking for accurate and practical technologies that help tailor fluids and hemodynamic drugs to patient’s vital signs.

“With added Pulse Oximetry and DO2I functionality Cheetah’s NICOM empowers physicians and nurses with a comprehensive suite of information for fluid management in critically ill patients, all in 100% noninvasive fashion,” Avidor said.