ChartWise Medical Systems announced the availability of its trailblazing new software product, ChartWise 2.0. The new platform integrates powerful new features and capabilities in conjunction with critical enhancements to existing functionality users of the ChartWise product have come to rely upon.

One of the most anticipated new features contained within the ChartWise 2.0 software is the dual query and dual CDI functionality, supporting both ICD-9 and ICD-10. This allows users to bypass time consuming and cumbersome double coding and double queries.

ChartWise 2.0 requires only one query to be sent or one code to be entered to see results recorded in both code sets simultaneously.

ChartWise 2.0 also addresses other needs of CDI staff as they prepare for the conversion to ICD-10 this October. Users are able to work in the current ICD-9 coding system while concurrently viewing results in the ICD-10 format.

This cross functionality between ICD-9 and ICD-10 will also work in reverse, allowing the user to work in ICD-10 and view corresponding ICD-9 codes. By providing both the ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding systems simultaneously, ChartWise helps to increase familiarity and ease the transition between these two coding structures.

ChartWise 2.0 includes an assortment of additional new features and enhancements to further distance the clinical documentation improvement software maker from the rest of the industry.

An advanced user interface provides specialists the tools to do their jobs efficiently and accurately, and have the biggest impact on quality data and proper reimbursement.

DataScan reporting includes reporting and management dashboards that let the user dig deeper into data and view real-time information on demand to manage their CDI program.

DataScan alerts have the built-in functionality that can notify Case Management and Quality teams within minutes of key events being detected. For example, when a patient is admitted with a particular diagnosis, an alert enables them to mobilize resources and ensure quality measures are taken.

"In developing ChartWise 2.0, we started from the ground up, leveraging the most modern web delivery methods deployed in our Microsoft Azure cloud environment to deliver a solution for hospitals and medical centers that would raise the standard for CDI tools even higher than that set by our Version 1 product. Our DataScan reporting and alerts take ChartWise beyond CDI by providing the up-to-date information hospitals need to impact quality of care and improved outcomes," said Dr. Jon Elion, founder and CEO of ChartWise. "ChartWise 2.0 is a comprehensive software solution with the requisite built-in clinical expertise and computer-assisted CDI capabilities to ensure a timely ROI for the clinical documentation specialists, health information managers, administrators and physicians who trust and depend on ChartWise’s software to manage their documentation needs on a daily basis."

"I am really impressed with V 2.0," said Maria Mann, RN and clinical documentation integrity manager at Gwinnett Hospital System. "The built-in encoder, the colored visual indicators, and the analyze feature are excellent, and I foresee them saving my nurses a good amount of time when they are reviewing accounts."